News from the Nebula

I’ve planned to write up a blog post up new cool Nebula-Features since some time but failed because of time constraints (e4 has been my main focus).

Any ways there’s not only cool stuff happening at e4. So this blog post is dedicated to new widgets and new features that got integrated in the Nebula-Sources.

New widgets finding their way to Nebula

  • TableCombo and TableComboViewer
    Did you every wanted to display icons in your ComboViewer or multiple Columns? CCombo is not able to do this because it uses a SWT-List-Widget. Nebula comes to rescue in a way that it provides you the a CCombo variant which uses a Table-Control.
  • RadioGroup-Widget with a JFaceViewer integration
    The RadioGroup-Widget and it’s viewer applies the Control-Item-concept you know to a widget built out of SWT-Buttons with SWT.RADIO-Style naturally it provides you with a JFace-Viewer integration (e.g. very handy in case of Eclipse-Databinding scenarios)

Widget which got new features

  • Grid
    One of the coolest things we introduce into Grid is the possibility to span not only columns but also rows like you know it from other grid-controls.

    Beside that we fixed some bugs. I think the important thing when saying we is that all those things have been coming from the community! Thank you very much!
  • PGroup
    In PGroup I’ve integrated myself the feature of adding ToolItems into the Header section. The API provided is very similar to the one you know from ToolItem so you are able to create items of type SWT.PUSH, SWT.CHECK, SWT.RADIO and SWT.CASCADE.

    I’d like to thank Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. sponsoring the work and contributing it back to Nebula.

Proposed Widgets

The proposal of widgets is not decreasing but we have some cool new stuff proposed for integration:

Alpha Status, Release, …

I know that this is a really pressing issue and holding of many people from useing Nebula. As stated often before many of the controls have stable API and are more or less bug free (at least there are no major problems known for them) but there are also widgets lurking around, waiting for maintainers and are not in a consumeable state.

It’s impossible for me as a project lead to step up at all the fronts and taking over the maintance (I already did this for PShelf, PGroup and Grid).

All those duties keep me away from doing the project management where the most pressing issue is to restructure Nebula into 2 projects: One for incubating widgets and one for stable widgets ready for a 1.0 release.

Please keep that in mind when you come to Nebula. We are not backed by any commercial vendor beside the rare occurences where companies fund a work on a feature nobody is paying us to do the maintance, … . I state this here because especially in the Eclipse Universe people are not so used to deal with projects not backed by at least one company.

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5 Responses to News from the Nebula

  1. Great work Tom! Thanks for making things a bit transparent on what is going on with the Nebula project.

  2. Craig Foote says:

    Hi Tom,

    I see two Hudson build jobs for Nebula projects: /maven-nebula-1.0-nightly/ /maven-nebula-inc-nightly/

    The former ran 13 days ago but does not build CDateTime. The latter does include CDateTime but was last run 4 months ago. No recent release, no roadmap, not even a recent build. Has CDateTime been abandoned?


    • Tom Schindl says:

      CDateTime as of now has no maintainers and there are known problems on win32 (leaks) and linux-gtk (crashes). So all you can do is to check out the sources from CVS

  3. Sai says:

    Hi Tom,

    Can I get the TableCombo jar (even though it is in alpha state) . I cannot get it from the Nebula becos the build is broken.

    I am trying for this for past one week.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Tom Schindl says:

      We have a tycho build running on hudson which creates a p2 repo the problem is that I’ve not been able yet to make the build sign it and publish to I don’t want to post the url to the public so if you are in desperate need of a build tablecombo send me a private mail and I’ll give you the url.

      The other option is to check out the sources from our CVS-Repository!

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