Workbench Model Tooling

While traveling by train to Vienna and back I had time to invest some time into the workbench tooling and I think I added some nice and helpful things.

  • “Live” Model Inspection:

    The first and most important feature is that you can now inspect the model of your running workbench by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+I
  • Better support for Window-MainMenu and Part-ToolBar
  • Adding Support for Fragment-Tooling

The tooling is not as good as I had hoped to be at this point (e.g. taking part in renaming actions is not supported and I doubt to get this ready for the July release). I’ll try to invest some more time into this but I need to feedback from people to find problems and missing features, … .
I can’t guarantee to implement all of them but your input is crucial to at least fix the most important parts.

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15 Responses to Workbench Model Tooling

  1. Lars Vogel says:

    CTRL+SHIFT+I is a cool feature. This is very good for demos! Thanks again.

  2. Lars Vogel says:

    What do I have to do to make CTRL+SHIFT+I available in an e4 based RCP application?

    • tomeclipsedev says:

      Add the “” to your launch config and hit “Add Required Plug-ins”

  3. Lars Vogel says:

    Thanks Tom. If I do this I see the console message “Created Live Dialog Handler” but the shortcut doesn’t do anything. Also if I press this combination in the latest SDK build I get: “A stack frame must be selected to provide a context for an evaluation”.

    • tomeclipsedev says:

      Do you have a BindingTable in your RCP-application, else the processor is not able to register a keybinding. On the SDK problem I’m not sure what you are seeing there. I’m running on CVS HEAD. Is there probably another keybinding active in the context you are hitting CTRL+SHIFT+I?

  4. Lars Vogel says:

    @Tom: Thanks for the clarification via IRC. I need to have bindingTables defined in my Application.e4xmi otherwise the keybinding cannot be created.

    Thanks again.

  5. Kai Tödter says:

    Hm, I cannot get it run with the contacts demo. I have a binding table in my exmi and CTRL+SHIFT+I is not overwritten. I am using the latest head. Any hints?

    • tomeclipsedev says:

      we changed that to CTRL+SHIFT+F9

      • Kai Tödter says:

        CTRL+SHIFT+F9 does not work either. Could you check with the latest contacts demo? Thanks!

      • tomeclipsedev says:

        sorry ALT+SHIFT+F9 => just tested it and it works like “charme” beside the fact that you are globally redefining the style of Controls like Label, … so the editor is not 100% useable.

  6. On a MacBook, use and in the OSX System Preferences make sure you uncheck the ‘keys as standard function keys’ option.

  7. On a MacBook, use FN+SHIFT+ALT/OPTION+F9 and in the OSX System Preferences make sure you uncheck the ‘keys as standard function keys’ checkbox.

  8. Winne says:

    Are there any new on the injection exception discussed here?
    I have the same problem (“Unable to process “”: no actual value was found for the argument “Shell”.”) and would love to try the live model editor…

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