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It’s release time – QxWT and GRaphael

QxWT At the start of the year I promised to release Version of QxWT at the end of Febuary and doing releases on time is one of the most important things so that people can start to trust into your project. You can download the released code from the project release website or […]

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QxWT – Realworld Demo

Tomorrow I’ll release QxWT as I promised at the start of the year. To show people the power of QxWT and what can be achieved by using it, in conjunction with Eclipse-Tools like EMF and Teneo, I wrote an example application on the last 2 weekends. First of all using all those OpenSource-Technologies together […]

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e4 – Dependency and Service Lookup Tooling

Today I extended my current implementation a bit so that I now extract the currently injected fields in a class and display them in the dialog one can open from within the JavaEditor. The following videos present shows this in action. The next step is to add injected services through the Dialog. People asked in […]

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e4 – Dependency Injection Tooling

In bug 302824 we started discussing how to make the use of DI easier and beside e.g. providing Helper-Classes the ideal thing would be to provide good tooling. Think about how hard OSGi-Development would be without PDE and I think the same is true for DI as well. I had some free minutes (well in […]

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e4 – Extending an existing Product

After some months of not having contributed substential stuff to e4 and in anticipation of the EclipseCon tutorial “e4 – Anatomy of an e4-Application”. I worked yesterday on some demo stuff which we’ll probably use show the audience: The new development process when writing plugins using Mock-Objects Extending an existing e4-Application The idea of the […]

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e4 – why you don’t need e5

This was orginally a reply on Elias post on e5: On “should take risks”: We agreed that e4 would be compatible with 3.x. Is not 100% correct: We agreed on the fact that e4 will provide a compat layer so that people can run the 3.x plug-ins which is a completely different thing IMHO because […]

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UFaceKit – 2 (new) interesting features in latest nightly

Like the title already says the latest nightly build comes with 2 amazing features one already part of the code base since a long time (XPath to traverse the UI-DOM) the second one just hit SVN (plugable model-item mapping). I’m going to discuss them in short in this blog posting. Plugable Model-Item-Mapping You probably ask […]

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Consumeable UFaceKit-Builds for SWT

This a remarkable day in the history of UFaceKit because since today we can provide consumeable nightly builds to install or create a target platform. A big thank you to Chris Aniszczyk and Pascal Rapicault who helped me in getting my build in shape – I hope to meet you at EclipseCon and pay you […]

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