Flexible calendar control in SWT

I’ve been in need for Week-Calendar view to display appointments but could not find anyone that completely fit my needs to I implemented a custom one.

This short screen cast shows what I’ve today.

The control is backed by a replaceable service interface to retrieve and store appointments so it can be connected to fairly any kind of backend store, for my needs a plain XMI-Store was enough but one might want something more fancy can connect it most likely any calendar-service e.g. by using REST, … .

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7 Responses to Flexible calendar control in SWT

  1. wimjongman says:

    Looks great Tom!! Something we can put inside Nebula?

  2. Leo Ufimtsev says:

    Wow, very nice. Does it work well across platforms?

  3. Sascha Hanke says:

    Looks great. Is it possible to get the sources? I’m in need for a week/month calendar and would love to see how this is done.

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