e(fx)clipse 1.1 – New features – Easier runtime consumption through special features

The more people are adopting our core OSGi-Support inside the IDE (e.g. STS, GEF4, …) the more important it is that they depend on the same basic feature so that you can install and update them side by side.

Easier runtime consumption through special features


e(fx)clipse will join the Mars release train and other Mars participants like GEF4 make use of our core OSGi-Integration so for all those who really only needed our OSGi integration layer we created an extra feature they can depend on named “org.eclipse.fx.runtime.min.feature” which only holds:

  • org.eclipse.fx.osgi
  • org.eclipse.fx.javafx


Upon request from our community we added a new feature which holds all required Eclipse 4 Application Platform and e4 JavaFX bundles required to write e4 JavaFX applications.

Our application wizard is not yet using the new feature because didn’t want to break anything late in the release cycle but we’ll update the wizard in 1.2.0. Anyways: If you are setting stuff up by hand “org.eclipse.fx.runtime.e4fx.feature” will make your job a lot easier!

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