Busy JavaFX Autumn a head – EclipseCon Europe & Democamps & e(fx)clipse 1.1.0

In the Eclipse space autumn is a very busy time of the year because of

but not for me this year. No EclipseCon Europe 2014 (and most likely no EclipseCon NA 2015), no Democamps Autumn 2014 – just family! Our 2nd daughter is due mid/end of November so no traveling for me in the weeks to come.

Anyways I’ve gone through the program of EclipseCon and it’s nice to see multiple talks dealing with JavaFX and e(fx)clipse so if you have a chance to be there make sure you don’t miss them:

I’m sure those guys are building cool stuff with the help or by using e(fx)clipse!

It’s not easy as an opensource project to know who is using it and what they are building, that’s why I enjoy conferences so much! Anyways if you are one of those – get in touch with us so that we can add your project to our reference page.

In case you are building commercial and business critical application think about commercial support or fund features you are missing. Currently there are 110 open tickets (most of them are feature requests) who request things like SceneBuilder integration, MinMax Support for e4+JavaFX applications, … . I think about funding their implementation and/or contribute them

We – the e(fx)clipse team – are busy fixing the last bugs/features for the 1.1.0 release which is happing in about 2 weeks and will bring some cool new APIs like the one I presented last week

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