e4 on JavaFX and OpenDolphin

Being at JavaOne you learn about new technologies and the first thing when learning about something new is trying to integrate the technology into e4 on JavaFX.

This time it’s OpenDolphin I learned about and hacked this morning support to integrate open dolphin into your e4 apps which turned out to be really easy. All you need is:

  • OSGified OpenDolphin Libs including its dependencies
  • Extra Bundle which will provide you a ClientDolphin instance you can fetch from the the DI container

I’ve pushed both of them to a new github project and afterwards it’s nothing more than create a Part-POJO like this:

public class MyDolphinView {
  ClientDolphin clientDolphin;

  void init(BorderPane p) {
    // Default OpenDolphin+JavaFX Code

I’ve also checked in a little demo app (you need to run the demo server you can get from the open-dolphin project) which when run looks like this:

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3 Responses to e4 on JavaFX and OpenDolphin

  1. madeat says:

    Hy Tom! I checked it out, yet there are missing bundles even with e(fx)clipse – IDE org.eclipse.fx.ide.feature.feature.group BestSolution.at installed. Do I need to have a separate target with the resp. runtime? Or otherwise, what feature did you have installed in the IDE to satisfy the requirements?

    Bundle ‘org.eclipse.fx.core.databinding’ cannot be resolved MANIFEST.MF
    Bundle ‘org.eclipse.fx.ui.databinding’ cannot be resolved MANIFEST.MF
    Bundle ‘org.eclipse.fx.ui.di’ cannot be resolved MANIFEST.MF
    Bundle ‘org.eclipse.fx.ui.theme’ cannot be resolved MANIFEST.MF
    Bundle ‘org.eclipse.fx.ui.workbench.fx’ cannot be resolved MANIFEST.MF

    Thanks a lot!

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