e4 on JavaFX – Drag and Drop between Stacks (=JavaFX TabPanes)

Developers switching from e4 on SWT over to e4 on JavaFX have been missing the feature to reorder the tabs inside their window.

One of the main targets of 1.0.0 is to close the gap between the SWT and JavaFX implementation so I’ve been working on this feature lately and today I can report about initial progress.

As of now the implementation makes use of reflection to access TabPaneSkin stuff but we are working with upstream JavaFX to get in a proper API like we’ve done already before.

Things not yet implemented:

  • Detatching via DnD
  • Splitting of areas via DnD

This new support will be in the nightlies – if you find issues please attach them to Bug 434228 – [e4] Add support for DnD of Parts

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12 Responses to e4 on JavaFX – Drag and Drop between Stacks (=JavaFX TabPanes)

  1. cora says:

    I finally managed to get it working in my app. The use of caspian stylesheet prevented it from working. It looks very good so far. There are some bugs but i guess you’re already aware of it, since it is work in progress.

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  3. JojoW says:

    Hi Tom, looks amazing! Could you share please the source codes, so we can learn?

  4. Paul Stevens says:

    Exactly what I was after. Looking forward to seeing this in JavaFX. Thanks

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  6. Hi Tom, I was wondering if it’s possible to handle the event when tab is dropped outside the TabPane head.


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