e(fx)clipse – All-In-One downloads upgraded to Luna M7 – Why care?

I’ve just updated the All-In-One downloads to Luna M7 and there are multiple reasons you should care:

  • General improvements and bugfixes
  • JDT Java8 improvements
  • JDT understand JavaFX-Properties-JavaDoc

For those of you writing JavaFX applications and wondered why no JavaDoc was shown when they hovered e.g. Stage#setOnCloseRequest(), getOnCloseRequest() and onCloseRequest() should take a look at the source code


You notice – NO JavaDoc on the get & set method – strange because the HTML-JavaDoc has them documented


Starting with M7 JDT understands this pattern

Unfortunately the JavaFX team uses the pattern in an inconsistent way so the JavaDoc does not work in all situations. See https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=434269

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5 Responses to e(fx)clipse – All-In-One downloads upgraded to Luna M7 – Why care?

  1. Steffen says:

    I frequently update my eclipse fx to the latest nightly build, but some time ago the integrated CSS and FXML editors stopped working. If I open a *.css or a *.fxml file the system default editor is opened instead..
    And I can not configure eclipse to use the internal CSS/FXML editor again, because they are not listed.
    Sadly this behavior still exists in the current M7 build?

    • Tom Schindl says:

      Are you running your IDE with Java8? If not then this is the reason it does not work anymore! Even worse was that in M6 if you have not been running from the initial install with Java8 those bundles would not have been resolved at all at anytime (bug in equinox) – I guess I’ll better add a warning that pops up informing about the problem when running with Java7.

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