e(fx)clipse + SWT + JavaFX JDK8b113

Starting with build 113 of Java8 the FX-Team made the wise decision to move the SWT integration into its own jar which is not on any default classpath.

This is a very wise decision because the javafxrt.jar is on the extension classpath and has been holding classes who depend on swt which is a client library typically found on the application classpath or in OSGi in the Classloader of the SWT-OSGi-Bundle.

I guess you can imagine how hard is was for e(fx)clipse to give OSGi-User the FXCanvas integration. This problem is gone now. The latest nightly build can deal with the changes on the JDK-Level (for FX2 the classloading magic is still in).

In case you are developing with JavaFX and need the SWT-Integration you’ll have to update to the latest bits in case you use JDK8b113 and above.

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