Fed up with famfamfam icons for Eclipse.org – Let’s get Oxygen icons

Whenever I work on Eclipse.org projects, only having access to the famfamfam Silk icon-sets makes me cry.

Don’t get me wrong I’m happy that we have at least those icons available but wouldn’t it be better to have a really modern set of icons? If you are working on a project (http://www.efxclipse.org/) whose aim is to provide tooling and runtime components to write slick looking UIs who can compete with Web-Frameworks and you don’t have access to such a modern icon-set this is not only a small shortcoming but a real problem.

Because of this I filed a CQ 7068 against Eclipse.org to discuss what has to happen to give Eclipse.org projects access to the well known Oxygen Icon Set from KDE. Unfortunately the information found on their homepage is not correct anymore and they currently only release their icon-set under LGPL.

I hope we can find an arrangement with the KDE Artist team so that Eclipse Plugins can look much slicker in future. Until today only Nuno Pinheiro answered to my inquiries via IRC and in a private mail thread but he was not able to answer why the Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License option was removed with this commit.

I still hope to get someone who can clarify the problem with Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License option and give me a hint which licenses would be acceptable to KDE-Projects beside LGPL. As it looks today I have to take the last resort and use the icons version before above license change has happened 5 years ago – not my preferred solution.

If you know someone from KDE who I can get in touch with simply leave a comment or get in touch with me e.g. via my twitter handle @tomsontom, via mail, …

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2 Responses to Fed up with famfamfam icons for Eclipse.org – Let’s get Oxygen icons

  1. Christian Pontesegger says:

    Good to hear that some fresh air might come to available icon sets. Can you explain, why LGPL is not a valid license eclipse might use?

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