e(fx)clipse proposed to Eclipse Foundation

We’ve said since a long time that one day we’ll propose e(fx)clipse as an Eclipse Foundation project.

Today we’ve published the project proposal at http://eclipse.org/proposals/technology.efxclipse/ and Wayne created a bug for it.

We believe this is the next important step for the project and a win for both – the Eclipse community and the project.

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8 Responses to e(fx)clipse proposed to Eclipse Foundation

  1. Matthias Sohn says:

    Cool 🙂

  2. Kai Tödter says:

    Looking forward to it. If you want, you can put “Siemens AG” as interested party on the proposal web site.

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  4. Jan Flos says:

    Great Work Tom. Do you think that the Nattable Nebula Project will be definitivelly obsolete ?

    • Tom Schindl says:

      No why?

      • Jan Flos says:

        This is only my opinion and could be possibly wrong because of lack of my professional experience but :

        JavaFx is a standard UI framework from Oracle. In my opinion the UI for e4 applications, should be developed with javaFx to avoid common implementation problems from the SWT+JFace framework,

        These are :
        performance, big memory footprint, memory leaks (no more handles, registration of a listener to every cell in a tableviewer), poor user experience design (in 2008 it could be rich/nice client platform, now is it really not rich in comparsion to other desktop and web technologies ), usage of window builder im OSGI context is not possible, window builder doesn’t separate ui structure from the behaviour, lot of boilerplatecode while making ui and databinding

        There is no serialization format for UI
        XWT technology as serialization format for ui seems dead for me and it doesn’t really support the MVVM concept, it is not well documented and at a first perspective not really usable for me

        The crucial part of a UI is a table view. Due to performance issues there is adviced to use NatTable which semms me too complex to be used and moreover still doesn’t work perfectly can’t be styled with CSS.

        Building a user interface in universal XML format such as FXML is the best way to achieve a real productivity. (The point click method is not the desired way for me)

        The JafaFx TableViewer could be the alternative for NebulaProject.

        Hope my question is now better explained

      • Tom Schindl says:

        As long as people write SWT UIs Nattable will be needed and they even thought about providing an JavaFX implementation next to the SWT one. Nattable has many advanced features who some people really needed an JavaFX TableView does not provide them.

        Our aim is to provide people an e4 framework implementations so that they can run on JavaFX only. For the Eclipse IDE this won’t work easily because all and everything is implemented in SWT and can not be rewritten.

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