EclipseCon JavaFX Demo App Videos

At EclipseCon Europe 2012 I’ve presented some demo applications written on top of JavaFX 2 and Eclipse techologies developed in the e(fx)clipse project.

e4 on JavaFX

This small applications shows how easy it is to theme e4 JavaFX apps, how one can integrate multimedia content like videos and use animations to switch between perspectives.

fx ide

This sample shows how to use JavaFX 2.x and Eclipse techologies (JDT,Orion) and e(fx)clipse parts to develop your a very minimal IDE. In contrast to the last videos I’ve now added warning and error marker support.

I’m currently at a download size of about 11MB.

fx43 desktop

fx43 is the code name for a JavaFX application which is written to run in fullscreen and to host small apps one can launch to take the full space of the screen. It shows how nice it is to install new applications on the fly.

If you are interested in e(fx)clipse, what you can do with it inconjunction with Eclipse (e.g. e4) join our forum or get in touch with

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6 Responses to EclipseCon JavaFX Demo App Videos

  1. abc says:

    Excellent work ! fx ide video not working

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