e4 on JavaFX and JemmyFX

Upon request on the e(fx)clipse forum I’ve invested time for upcoming e(fx)clipse release to allow JUnit-Testing e4 JavaFX applications using Jemmy and JemmyFX.

The thing that took most of my time was to understand how Jemmy works and can be started in an OSGi-Env (on MacOS-X it is even harder because there the Jemmy-Robot is executed in a Sub-Process) but I’ve managed to get everything up and running.

After having managed to get everything up and running I’ve spend yesterdays night to add a tooling wizards to bootstrap a Jemmy Test Suite and today I recorded a video

Next on my Jemmy list is to provide a Classpath-Library so that none e4, none OSGi-User can write Jemmy-Tests for their applications as easy as those OSGi lunatics can do with the next nightly build.

Once this is done – I should maybe take a look at http://jnario.org/ and if it make writing JUnit-Tests for FX application easier. So many things to explore and work on 😉

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7 Responses to e4 on JavaFX and JemmyFX

  1. Alexandre (Shura) Iline says:

    Good stuff.

    FYI, there is Any() lookup criteria which returns true

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  3. Fabrizio says:

    Hi, I tried your tutorial but i’ve problems.
    For the first example I haven’t the option “javaFX Eclipse 4 Application” on my wizard;
    for the second, in my jemmy project i haven’t the Plug-in dependecies in the classpath and my example doesn’t work.
    1. Do you know some solutions?
    2. It’s possible to make an OSGi project with JavaFX using Apache Felix?

    I work with ubuntu 12.04, Eclipse 4.2, e(fx)clipse 0.1.1, JDK7u7

    Thanks very much.

  4. sravan says:

    I am facing issues while installing JemmyFx on linux and windows environments..i tried so many times to install but every time its showing the below mentioned error..could any one please help on this ..
    /home/sravan/Downloads/tests-d6cb0fee1422/tools/Jemmy/JemmyFXBrowser/nbproject/build-impl.xml:922: The following error occurred while executing this line:
    /home/sravan/Downloads/tests-d6cb0fee1422/tools/Jemmy/JemmyFXBrowser/nbproject/build-impl.xml:307: Compile failed; see the compiler error output for details.

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