A busy time

It’s going to be a busy time in the next few weeks.

Next week I’m heading to Antwerpen to join Ralph, Wayne, Benjamin and Sven on the Eclipse Deep Dive-Evening on Oct, 27th where I give a short intro to Eclipse 4.x.

Afterwards I’m going to EclipseCon Europe to do an “State of Eclipse 4.x talk” together with Eric Moffatt and one where I dive a bit deeper into the Eclipse Application Platform.

The next event I’m heading to is EclipseDemoCamp Munich which takes place on the Nov 15th where I’m going to talk a bit about e(fx)clipse.

Then I have a break for about 10 days and will then make a trip to the US to join Lars on the Eclipse Day At Google on Nov, 30th to talk once more a bit about Eclipse 4.x.

I also registered myself for the San Francisco Democamp which should take place on Nov, 29th where I’d once more talk about e(fx)clipse if my proposal is accepted.

I hope to get to know many new people, meet with old friends and discuss Eclipse and Java related topics over one or the other cold beer – it’s going to be 1.5 months full of fun.

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