e(fx)clipse 0.0.4 released

Update 2011-09-05:

It was reported that the download link does not work it looks like the old upload failed. I’ve reuploaded the file. Sorry for not having tested the upload.

Update 2011-09-05:

The 0.0.4 release is broken because of b42 changes and an internal bug I introduced please use 0.0.5 and provide feedback if you encounter problems

Please download the latest version from efxclipse.org

Original Post:

Release early and often is something I learned opensource projects should do. So I’m trying to follow this scheme and release new version quite frequently.

This release comes with:

  • CSS improvements

    Once more I improved the CSS compability. The feature that took most of my time was support for the new CSS-compatible gradient syntax (the new syntax will get part of one of the next JavaFX-Builds). Currently validation of linear-gradients is supported, radial support will follow in the next release.

  • Support for JavaFX-Packager

    The JavaFX-SDK comes with an ant-extensions that allows developers to easily package and deploy their JavaFX application.

    The 0.0.4 release adds the possibility to define File with the extension fxbuild which can be opened using an formbased editor

    The fxbuild-File is an ordinary .properties-File

    The Packageing and Build Support integrates itself in the External Tool Launch because internally an ant-Build file is created and launched using the IDE-Support for this

    The build support takes care of classpath dependencies like referenced projects, referenced jars, … and includes them in the generated aretfacts

    One can run directly from the Jar (this is supported)

    Or deploy on the web and launch inside the browser

I read somewhere that e(fx)clipse runs only on Eclipse 4.x which is not correct. e(fx)clipse’s tooling part runs on 3.7 and 4.1. Only the runtime part which is going to part of the project leverages the Eclipse 4 Application Platform.

To prove this here is the tooling running in 3.7.0:

You can download the 0.0.4 update-site archive from my git-repository

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