e(fx)clipse 0.0.2

Please download the latest version from efxclipse.org

On Friday I’m going to be on holiday for about 2 weeks but I wanted to release 0.0.2 before so here it is. The new features are:

  • Improvements for value property proposals

    Further value property improvements will follow in the next release
  • JavaFX-Library

    This will make it easier to share your JavaFX-Projects with other users
  • JavaFX-Project-Wizard

    This wizard creates a Java-Project and automatically adjusts the Java Build Path to hold the configured JavaFX SDK
  • Automatic JavaDoc-Integration

You can download the p2-archive from my e(fx)clipse github-repo and install it into you Eclipse SDK using the Install Wizard.

In you have feature ideas, find bugs (highly likely in a 0.0.2 release) please report them here.

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