E4@Eclipse Application Developer Day

In my last post I published the demo applications I planned to show of at EADD in Karlsruhe and here are the PDF-slides.

The talk was split into 4 areas:

  • History and Reasons
  • Design ideas (EMF-Model, IEclipseContext, Declarative Styling, DI)
  • The implementation of the ideas + BackwardsCompat
  • Demos:
    • Application development with EMF-XMI-Editor using the E4-PhotoDemo
    • Declarative-Themeing via E4-Contacts-Demo
    • Workbench-Renders: Using PShelf and Ribbon using the E4-Contacts-Demo
    • Backwards compat by launching our E4-Builds and writing a HelloWorld application
    • Abandoning of Static and Singleton by launching E4-Contacts-Demo as a RAP-Application with unmodified workbench code

The talk was quite well received and I showed how we try to create innovation in the core-platform. I’d like to thank EclipseSource who made my travel to Karlsruhe possible by funding the half of my travel costs.

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2 Responses to E4@Eclipse Application Developer Day

  1. Holger says:

    Thank you for sharing the presentation. E4 looks very cool!

    I have a question about “The Perspective Problem” (slide 21):
    Why are perspectives contained in the UI tree? I would expect that a perspective never contain a UI part but have a link to it. The perspective concept is like a switcher switching (or reseting) the layout plus some functionality. What will happen if you copy a perspective (= create a new one based on an existing)? Normally, the object itself and its containment will be duplicated. But this is not what we want…

    • tomeclipsedev says:

      We also thought about using this strategy (I think the discussion we had was not in the public but I can try to look it up) but decided against it because it also imposes other problems. We took the path that it is much more natural to make the perspective a part of the UI-Hierarchy instead of making it a layout concept (which it is today’s workbench BTW) because it has other problems.

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