EclipseCon: I’ll be there

News 1:

Just booked my flight and my room at the Hyatt. I’m excited to meet you all.

There are so many interesting talks like Steve’s talk about the future of SWT which I’m very interested in because recently the Web-2.0 movement hit me hard and I’ve started to make Eclipse-Core-Technologies available in Web-Env.

News 2:

The other news I’d like to share with we you is that together with James Strachan I started a fairly interesting “experiment” called UFaceKit.

In short the project aims to provide a facade above widget implementations to use a uniform API above various Java-Widget implementations to create Datacentric-Applications.

Beside providing this generic API the project is split into many individual plugins/bundles which can be used out of the uface-scope:

  • A light weight JavaBean like implementation useable without any reflection-API the implementation is called UBean
  • Observables for UBean like Eclipse provides an implementation for JavaBeans
  • UI-Observables for GWT/MyGWT/GWT-EXT
  • UI-Observables for Swing

As you see one of the “waste products” of this project is that Eclipse-Databinding is can be used by Swing/GWT/… developers.

If you are interested in the project take a look at our project page and join the google-group. We are in pre-alpha stage and code changes a lot but we appreciate your help e.g. to provide an implementation for other Java-UI toolkits (QT-Jambi, Android, …), help us with the Swing, GWT implementations of course all code is released under EPL.

Primary targets currently are:

  • SWT/JFace
  • GWT-implementations
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