Things are evolving

It’s been now a few months I started reworking my the first draft implementation which already provided many interesting things but there was still Java-Code needed to bind-POJOs and to interact with the Datasource.

What’s new:

  • XBL (XmlBindingLanguage) to connect your model with the help of the databinding framework to SWT-Widgets
  • Switched to work on top of the Eclipse-Command-Framework
  • Added themeing framework
  • API cleanup
  • Refactoring, refactoring

I still see this as a research project which is not useable for production in the near future but if the community likes what I’m doing here these are the next things on my list:

  • implement INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE on top of the COMMAND-Framework
  • evolve XBL (new features, refactoring, …)
  • Transformer-Framework for EXSWT and XBL (use a highlevel dialect translated to those low-level ones)
  • Implement new provider which is able to fetch XBL and EXSWT files via HTTP. This would make changing the GUI without the need to redeploy your application to the client (what a cool feature RAP without the Browser 🙂
  • Refactoring, Refactoring, ….

If you are interested you can checkout the current project from my companies SVN-Repository. When using the Subclipse-Plugin I’ve added you a .psf-File to the project helping you to easily checkout all needed projects from SVN.

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1 Response to Things are evolving

  1. Chris Aniszczyk (zx) says:

    should be ‘evolving’ instead of ‘evolveing’

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