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CSS Attribute Description and Validation (for JavaFX)

As part of e(fx)clipse we are implementing a custom CSS-Editor based upon Xtext. We have a grammer of CSS-Specification so that we can parse CSS-Files, the interesting part though e.g. which properties are available, what values they can have is at least for JavaFX not speced in a machine useable format but as plain HTML. […]

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SVG To FXML Converter as Commandline util

There’ve been some requests from people to use the SVG to FXML converter outside my e(fx)clipse project. I’m happy to announce that the latest nightly builds provide a standalone version of the converter. Useage is quite simple: will produce an FXML which can be loaded into SceneBuilder: Need to teach myself now how I can […]

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e(fx)clipse – demo camp video

I almost forgot that a video was recorded at this years Vienna DemoCamp. (The talk is/was in german!) You can find my video at if you read this through a aggregator.

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JavaFX 2.2 and OSGi

Inspired by a recent thread on e(fx)clipse user forum “Why some things don’t work out-of-the-box when using JavaFX instead of SWT”. I think its time to take a look at the current state of JavaFX 2.2 on OSGi. The first thing we need to decide is which deployment strategy we want to use. The 2 […]

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