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Xtend, JavaFX-Properties and operator overloading

JavaFX has properties you can bind to each other to keep them insync. Watch this video for a very minimal example which scales a text by dragging a slider. Now let’s look at the Xtend code used to write this small sample The important lines are: The trick here to make this code not as […]

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Talks and Democamps (Eclipse 4, e(fx)clipse and JavaFX)

I’m back from a very nice trip to Cluj, Romania where I took part at the DemoCamp on Friday. For those who are interested here are the slides of my talks: Eclipse 4 – Present, Past and Future of the Eclipse Platform e(fx)clipse – Eclipse tooling and runtime for JavaFX 2.0 The Eclipse 4 talk […]

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Almost totally crazy?

So there’s a comment on my JDT and JavaFX blog asking if it is possible to have an SWT-Port which uses JavaFX. So its time to present an even crazier thing than using JavaFX to build an IDE! You are right I did already explored what the comment requests. I’ve started a proof-of-concept implementation of […]

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About mixing and matching JDT and JavaFX

What is the result of mixing JDT and JavaFX into one project? Right you get an Java-IDE :-) You don’t believe me? Then watch this short video. Freaking cool but how did I managed to get this work. First all of the whole thing is not a fake. I used different OpenSource technologies to make […]

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