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A busy time

It’s going to be a busy time in the next few weeks. Next week I’m heading to Antwerpen to join Ralph, Wayne, Benjamin and Sven on the Eclipse Deep Dive-Evening on Oct, 27th where I give a short intro to Eclipse 4.x. Afterwards I’m going to EclipseCon Europe to do an “State of Eclipse 4.x […]

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e(fx)clipse 0.0.7 released

UPDATE Please download the latest version from So the next release 0.0.7 with a huge amount of new features is available so let’s directly dive into it them. Tooling New Wizards A JavaFX category to group all JavaFX-Wizards has been added A Wizards to create FXGraph-Files has been added who takes care that the […]

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Find Classloader for a given OSGi-Bundle or Having fun with FXML in OSGi

So this is something I wanted serval times already and now since Equinox 3.7 it is available. You get get the classloader used by bundle very simple. My use case is that I have to pass an none OSGi-Aware lib (in my case JavaFX) the correct classloader when it creates instances using reflection. In my […]

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FXML and Google Guice

JavaFX comes with the possibility to define your UI using a declarative XML-Syntax instead of writing Java code. To react on user input the XML-Syntax allows you to call back into programm code. A simple example looks like this: The controller: And load the FXML-File like this: If you are used to dependency injection – […]

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e(fx)clipse – LivePreview for fxgraph

I’ve justed pushed something very cool to my e(fx)clipse git-repo. I’ve added a preview which gets updated while you are defining your JavaFX-UI using my fxgraph-DSL: It was really hard to implement but I had an example for the Xtext folks.

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JFace-Viewer and Eclipse Databinding with > 10.000 Objects

Inspired by a bugzilla-discussion where virtual support for the nebula grid. I thought I blog a bit about Eclipse Databinding when it comes to big datasets. The standard way used looks like this: Executing this code with the following item count shows the following figures: Object count Time to fill (in ms) 10,000 1,178 30,000 […]

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Teneo, OSGi and Javaassist for proxy loading

Yesterday I’ve debugged to get javaassist working with teneo which gave us headaches in the past so we simply turned it off which isn’t really a problem to us but I simply wanted to know why it didn’t worked. As very often when hibernate and OSGi meet each other this is a problem of classloading […]

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