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EclipseCon2011: Day one and I’m done

Yeah. Day one is over (at least all my presentations are done) and I’m ready to enjoy EclipseCon in the next 3 days because I’ve no more talks this week. I think the talks I’ve delivered today have been received quite well. Eclipse 4.x RCP Tutorial: Kai will upload our slides later on his blog. […]

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Equinox, Hibernate and Concurrency

I’ve been hunting a deadlock in an application of a customer we support with our RCP, EMF and OSGi know-how and turned out be a class-loader problem because Hibernate uses Class.forName(). The application is a pure OSGi-Application acting as an Application Server which is used to process database informations in an asynchronous fashion and heavily […]

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e4 – Fundamental Overview on the Eclipse 4 Application Platform

In my last blog post I talked very short about the relation of XWT and the Eclipse 4 Application platform. It looks like many people are mixing things up. In this post I’ll try to give a deeper look into the Eclipse 4 Application Platform which might make even clearer why XWT is not necessarily […]

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e4 – Relation between Eclipse 4.1 and XWT

Today someone approach me and his introduction statement was that he’s interested in XWT and was told that Eclipse 4.1 is built upon XWT. I’ll restate the same I’ve stated in all of my talks: XWT is a technology developed in the e4-Incubator side by side with the Eclipse 4 Application Platform. The important thing […]

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e4 – More News from ModelTooling

Some weeks ago I’ve blogged about some new features I’ve added to the e4-ModelTooling. The soon declared 4.1M6 release will hold some more features I’d like to present to you in this blog entry. Control Finder If you are interested into which widget the rendering engine turned a specific model element into and where it […]

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Europe rules at the Eclipse Individual Awards

Looking at finalists of the individual awards finalists it looks like Europe rules (9 finalists, 7 from europe, 2 canada – I counted Boris for Canada). I’m delighted to be part of the final nominies once more [see 2009 1,2] and thank anyone who voted for me. It is really a big honor to be […]

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e4 – Use Eclipse 4.1 Application Platform but not SWT

So the title already says what this Blog-Post is about. It will talk about the possibility to use the Eclipse 4.1 Application Platform without using SWT to develop your UI-Components. Already the initial designs of Eclipse 4.x splitted the codebase not only into Core and UI-Components but futher broke up the UI-Components in stuff into […]

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