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Eclipse 4.0 and tutorial on writing e4-RCP-application released

The Release The e4-Team just announced the availability of the Eclipse 4.0 SDK “Early Adopter Release” (Reviewslides) which marks a major platform update since the inception of 3.0 6 years ago. Just to reiterate what the 4.0 SDK is and to set expectations right. The 4.0 SDK is marked as an “Early adopter release” targeted […]

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Writing RCP Applications with e4

Now the 4.0 release is approaching very fast and I’ve been working full(free)time on an extended tutorial writing an e4-RCP-Applications. The whole tutorial is centered around an exemplary Mail-Application I’ll release the tutorial and the whole source on the day we release the 4.0 SDK so if all works out as we expect and you […]

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p2 I love you

Last week I had the joy to add self-updating to one of our customers RCP-Application and well it turned out that this task only lasted for about 2 hours beside reading through the p2-Docs on the wiki and other online blogs which took me some more time. To keep this post as short as it […]

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e4 – Some more news from the modeltooling

Fragment Tooling As you might see with the number of posts. I’ve been hacking a lot my ModelTooling-Editor and so after having talked about the latest features 3 days ago, I have some more news today. I’ve spend half of my yesterdays evening improving the ModelFragment-Tooling. For those not familiar with e4 and the workbench […]

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e4 – News from the model tooling

I’ve been busy working on my model editor and some wizards to create Java-Classes for our new programming model. New features in the model editor New Drag&Drop Support in the Left Tree: You can now drag around items in the tree to reorder them Support for Copy, Paste and Cut: You can now use the […]

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