Archive | March, 2010

e4 – Tooling WorkbenchModelEditor part of I-Builds

Starting with yesterdays I-Builds (starting with I20100317-1055) the first part of the upcoming tooling support for e4 is part of the e4-SDK. I this blog post I’ll discuss some of the features this first version is coming with and how I implemented the editor. Features Advanced hierachical view (with better grouping) compared to the default […]

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e4 – Workbench (Model) Tooling

I’ve started to work on some tooling to make e4 consumable for the average developer. The first thing I’m concentrating on is tooling for the workbench model. The key points are: Run in 3.x Run native in e4-Workbench (without the need of a compat layer) Run native in e4-Running-Workbench for Live-Editing Extensible by Workbench-Extenders to […]

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