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On DemoCamp-Tour

I’m on the road since yesterday for a week of DemoCamps. The first one is in my homelands capital Vienna on Monday 30th of (M)November and the second one in Hamburg on Firday 4th of December the month following (M)November. Looking at the number of people registered (77! people in Vienna and 101! people in […]

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QxWT Released

I’m happy to announce the (yes 4 digit version) of QxWT. I decided to use a 4 digit version because then the first 3 digits reflect the qooxdoo version and the 4th is for bugfixes which are purely QxWT specific. There’s is a know problem on Linux-Hosted mode which is a problem with the […]

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Release QxWT-0.8.2-RC2

One week after release of RC1. We’ve just published RC2 of the Qooxdoo-GWT-Wrapper QxWT. You can fetch the release from our project site. RC2 holds the following changes: Completed Qooxdoo-FX-Support 100% of the framework JavaDoc’ed (online) Removal of unneeded images to optimize jar-sizes Themes extracted into extra-jars to optimize jar-sizes Because of the modified packaging […]

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Release QxWT-0.8.2-RC1

QxWT-0.8.2-rc1 I happy to announce that a first release candidate of the GWT-Wrapper for the Qooxdoo-Widget-Library can be downloaded from our project homepage. I started working on QxWT because I needed a GWT-Widget library providing me access to advanced controls like tables and trees and is released under a license which makes it possible to […]

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e4 on the road

If you are curious on what e4 is all about and get a first impression you’ll probably want to attend one of the following events where I’m going to talk about e4: DemoCamp Vienna DemoCamp Hamburg If you haven’t done yet it’s still time to register for free to those events. Because I’m doing this […]

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The core-platform, e4 – some random thoughts

At the Eclipse Summit there’s was a special symposia where discussion about Eclipse Foundation 2.0 happened. I’m not going into detail but as others already also found out (e.g. Bjorn) the investment into core platform is decreasing and too few people understand that without a properly maintained platform-core their business will be broken sooner than […]

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