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QxWT a wrapper for Qooxdoo-JS

In my last blogs I wrote about my current exploration of Qooxdoo and despite the silence since then I made a lot of good progress. I explored different things: Rewrite the whole library in plain-GWT: Doable but well a bit of work and without haveing a something founding this undoable Simply write a wrapper using […]

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UFaceKit and Java5-Viewers

I had some time today to once more work a bit on UFaceKit and it’s viewer implementation and I think I added a feature which makes sense to show of. I was working on the rewrite of an old application we wrote 3 years ago to use the Highlevel-Databinding-API I’m developing as part of the […]

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E4@Eclipse Application Developer Day

In my last post I published the demo applications I planned to show of at EADD in Karlsruhe and here are the PDF-slides. The talk was split into 4 areas: History and Reasons Design ideas (EMF-Model, IEclipseContext, Declarative Styling, DI) The implementation of the ideas + BackwardsCompat Demos: Application development with EMF-XMI-Editor using the E4-PhotoDemo […]

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E4 – A new area for RCP/RIA-Applications

I’m on the road to prepare my example for the E4 talk I’m delivering on the Eclipse-Developers-Day in Karlsruhe and I have to say that in my eyes E4 is going to open up a new world for Eclipse-RCP-Developers. Though RCP-Applications written in 3.x might not look too bad no one can deny that the […]

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