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News about UFacekit

There are some important news I’d like to share with all of you: 1. UFacekit Proposal The proposal is out and we hope some of you are interested in the targets and ideas we follow with UFacekit. If you are please leave a note on the newly created newsgroup. Share your wishes, critism with us […]

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There’s no place where Eclipse-Databinding doesn’t work

Tonight I thought I’ll give Android a spin, I download the sources and worked through some samples. After an hour this got boring and because I already managed to get Eclipse-Databinding working in other Environments (GWT, Swing, QT) I thought now it is time to see if I can manage to get a minimal example […]

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Update on UFacekit

UFacekit has a new source structure We have restructured the repository to clearly separate our modules into: proper: This holds stable and actively maintained modules – currently Swing and SWT implementations. Checking them out and compiling works always else it’s a bug and someone is to blame. incubation: This holds newly and not yet stable […]

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Disable parts SWT-Table/Tree with SWT.CHECK

This is a hack, a hack, a hack posting. I have read many many entries on the newsgroups asking a question like this: How can I disable certain check boxes in an SWT-Tree/Table. Is this possible? The standard answer to this was: “Sorry no this is not possible”. Today I faced the same problem (mine […]

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