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EMF + Databinding – I’m adicted to this stuff

Ed blogged somedays ago about the progress he made makeing EMF available to RAP and J2ME and there are more and more people requesting a simple example project where some EMF-Databinding-Features are shown. I’ve already send some code to the EMF-newsgroup and today I’ve added some more bits showing how to bind a Detail-List. I’m […]

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One month of UFacekit-Development

A month ago James Strachan and I started hacking on a project we named UFacekit. We both faced the need to write datacentric applications for different deployment environments (Desktop (Swing/SWT), GWT (MyGWT/GWT-Ext), …) and we thought there must be an easy and fast way to come up with something that makes our day job easier. […]

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EclipseCon: I’ll be there

News 1: Just booked my flight and my room at the Hyatt. I’m excited to meet you all. There are so many interesting talks like Steve’s talk about the future of SWT which I’m very interested in because recently the Web-2.0 movement hit me hard and I’ve started to make Eclipse-Core-Technologies available in Web-Env. News […]

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