Archive | October, 2007

More details about Databinding and GWT

I promised in the morning that I’ll blog more details about giving GWT-Developers access to concepts provided by Eclipse. Currently my port provides: – Core-Databinding + PEMF-Observables (for standard values (no lists at the moment))– Support for Perspectives (untested but available in code)– ViewPart-Implementation– Access to the low-level-bits of the Command-framework (AbstractHandler and friends)– A […]

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Doing RCP-Like programming with GWT

After having spent some time on GWT + Databinding I can now report success on porting over the Core-Databinding framework to GWT with fairly no changes from what is found in the Eclipse-CVS-Repository. But to do real programming in GWT there’s more you need (Views, Editors, Commands, Actions, …) so I’ve also taken over the […]

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