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e(fx)clipse 2.2.0 – New features overview

This blog post collects all new and shiny features provided with the e(fx)clipse 2.2.0 release which will be released on December 11th 2015. Loading Media files from OSGi-Bundles e(fx)clipse 2.2.0 – Maximize an UI-Component

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e(fx)clipse 2.2.0 – Loading Media files from OSGi-Bundles – sponsored by 360T

As JavaFX is not only a UI-Toolkit but also provides a “fullblow” multimedia stack you can play sound files and videos without residing to other APIs/Libraries. Unfortunately you can not feed any URL into it. Only the following protocols are … Continue reading

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Bringing OSGi-DS to plain java applications

Fairly everything in e(fx)clipse is done with DS-Services when you run in an OSGi-Environment. Still many of them don’t have any dependency on OSGi at all so most components we have can also run/get used in an ordinary Java-Environment (see … Continue reading

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JavaFX Codeeditors at JavaOne – CON3123

If you happen to be at JavaOne this week. I’ll do a talk today (Tuesday Oct 27th at 16:00) on How to Build an IDE/Code Editor with JavaFX – CON3123. I’ll explain how one can build cool and lightweight code … Continue reading

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When an IContextFunction does not solve your problem – and the solution with e(fx)clipse 2.2.0

If you haven’t read my last blog post where I described the problem of letting the DI container inject an instance of ModelElementFactory directly you should do so before proceeding because it will help you understand the problem the following … Continue reading

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Creation of Eclipse 4 Application Model elements in efxclipse 2.2.0

In last blog post I talked about the problem that people (including me!) often forget to set the contributorURI of the MApplicationElement instance which could lead to problems. So with the next release of e(fx)clipse there’s a new service called … Continue reading

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Eclipse 4 Application Platform – contributorURI vs contributionURI

All Eclipse 4 applications (from the Eclipse 4.x IDE to your simple e4 RCP) leverage the Eclipse 4 application model who is a representation of your whole application in a well defined and typesafe EMF-Model (you can somehow compare it … Continue reading

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