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e4 – News from ModelTooling

It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged about my work on the e4 model tooling front but this does not mean nothing happened. I think I have some interesting news to share on features I’ve implemented: Edit/View XMI-File … Continue reading

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Enhanced RCP: Reuse of WritableList in JFace-Viewers

Just because I’ve been running into this today. I thought it might be interesting to others as well. The following is a shortened version of a code I’ve been using in an RCP-Application. Does someone spot the error? I guess … Continue reading

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Enhanced RCP: How views can communicate – The e4 way

Some weeks ago I published how views can communicate using the EventAdmin-Service. To get things working in an 3.x application one has to write some glue code but more importantly one has to know about all those nifty things about … Continue reading

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