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Why is Eclipse 4 better than Eclipse 3

So there are many people around asking themselves why the hell did they rewrite the whole foundation of the Eclipse SDK while I as a user of the SDK don’t gain any benefits on first sight. I’m try to collect some of the reasons why I think Eclipse 4 is superior to Eclipse 3 (and […]

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JavaFx + xtend a sensational perfect match

So I couldn’t resist – and just for Chris Aniszczyk ;-) – another blog post on this topic. So I wrapped my head around this builder stuff of xtend and with the sources provided by Sven at github I managed to write a small builder for JavaFX. Here’s the builder: and this an resulting example […]

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JavaFX + xtend a perfect match

So after having used xtend for a while as a pure templating language I thought it’s time to explore how it can be used when programming JavaFX. JavaFX 2.x API is already designed to be used for lambda expression support which will come with Java 8 so e.g. all event handlers accept a SAM type […]

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