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Relation between fxgraph and fxml

I just saw some people coming to my blog from an article published on The Register where the author referenced e(fx)clipse. The author there talks about FXGraph and that it limits the appeal of e(fx)clipse which is think is not correct because nobody is forced to use the DSL I’ve been working on (use what […]

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All-in-one download of e(fx)clipse

To make it as easy as possible to get started with JavaFX 2.0 development with Eclipse I’ve just uploaded prepackaged SDKs for Windows and OS-X to This makes it super easy for you to take e(fx)clipse for a spin – just grab the package appropriate for your platfrom, unpack and start writing your first […]

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Videos from my EclipseCon Europe 2011 Talks

The great people from FOSSLC have recorded all EclipseCon Europe Talks. If you’ve not been able to attend here the direct links to my talks: Eclipse 4 Application Platform: Not commonly known features of the new platform State of Eclipse 4: What happened in 4.1 and what’s cooking for 4.2

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Democamp slides

For those interested here are the slides from the talk I gave yesterdays Democamp Munich. Thanks to Jonas and Maximilian for organizing and providing me a platform to talk a bit about e(fx)clipse.

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e(fx)clipse 0.0.8 released

Another few weeks have passed and here is a new release of e(fx)clipse. There are not many new features but the stuff available already has been improved. Let’s look at the most important things one by one: e(fx)clipse now has reached a point where I think it deserves itsown homepage with informations on the project, […]

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Slides from latest talks

I’ve seen some people coming to my blog from the website and are probably looking for slides of the talks I’ve given: e(fx)clipse – Short intro as part of the JavaFX-Slot – Thanks Donald and Oracle for giving us a chance to show of what we’ve done already to bring JavaFX-Tooling to the Eclipse […]

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