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Introducing e(fx)clipse

UPDATE Please download the latest version from People who’ve read my blog in the last few weeks have seen that I invested some time in getting the Eclipse 4 Application Platform running on top of JavaFX. One of the key technologies of JavaFX is that one uses CSS to theme the whole application but […]

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Eclipse 4.1 Application Platform – A platform for anyone

This post is dedicated to “Eclipse 4.1 Application Platform” (EAP). So what is the EAP? In short it is a Widget-Toolkit agonstic UI-Application framework for OSGi which provides the following features: An extensible central application model abstracting the main concepts of UI-Applications: UI-Concepts like Windows, Toolbars, Parts, … None-UI Concepts like Commands and Handlers, Extensions, […]

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How to apply the e4 programming model to 3.x

So while I could only encourage everyone to use the Eclipse 4.1 Application Platform (EAP) to write UI-applications, this post is for those who have existing 3.x code which they want to refactor step by step to run on EAP. So if you ever looked at how EAP are developed the first thing you notice […]

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Using Xtext to create JavaFX-CSS Editor

While working on the example application showed in my last blog I missed the possibility to edit the CSS-Files used to theme JavaFX-applications. Having heard about Xtext and that it allows one easily create editors for your DSL (and CSS is nothing more) I decided to start teaching myself some Xtext and so I sat […]

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Taking JavaFX for a spin

So it’s been about 2 weeks ago when a JavaFX beta was released to the public and I could not resist to bring up some Windows and give it a try. First of all I’m quite impressed on the features it gives me compared to what I know from SWT and Swing. I can control […]

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