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A week at e4 – Themeing in e4

Core Work-Items Themeing in e4 is done using CSS like Declarative Syntax. The latest nightly builds introduce an extension point which allows people to define and contribute CSS-Files to make up a theme from different css-Files. So now plugin-developers can contribute stylesheets which hold CSS-Definitions (classes, …) they use in their UI-Bundles. One of the […]

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A week at e4 – Branch, Tweak, Break and Adjust

Today I thought it would nice to do a summary about the things happing at e4 I’m part of. The headline for this week could be: “Branch, Tweak, Break and Adjust – Lock the e4-Workbench-Model so that people won’t be broken until 4.0” Core Work-Items So what happened: Short before EclipseCon we started collecting proposals […]

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Eclipse Databinding 3.5.2 for GWT

I’ve just updated the Eclipse-Databinding port for GWT to the patch level of Eclipse 3.5.2.

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