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New JFace API is in place

After ~8 months of work we checked in the new JFace-API with many exciting features in to CVS just a few hours ago. To see how powerful this new API is take a look at the this snippet. Test it and report us back problems if there are any.

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XSWT, Databinding, … => DataForms

It’s sometime ago I started rewriting the current XSWT implementation from David Orme. Now I saw the Blog from Alex about Databinding and thought it’s time to let you all know that I’m working on a set of plugins which have the following focus: Use XSWT (or any other Definition Language) to create the GUI […]

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EclipseCon community awards

I just read the post from Alex about the community awards and couldn’t believe finding my name under the ones finally winning the award. Thanks to everybody who voted for me. Now I’m even more disappointed that I couldn’t afford attending the eclipse con but maybe I can make it to the Eclipse Summit Europe.

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My first commit

What a great day my first commit to the eclipse cvs-repository. It’s a small one patching JavaDoc for a not working API but it’s a start. Here’s the patch.

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