Archive | September, 2006

at.bestsolution.jface32-0.0.1 released

As promised I have released my JFace backport from 3.3 just a view days after 3.2 came out. You can get the ready plugin from my companies SVN-Repository.

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JFace and features not part of Eclipse

Today I sit down and thought it is time to provide features JFace won’t provide (some of them are marked as later or are refused) in an own project named at.bestsolution.jface. Well 2 features I already had around somewhere in my workspaces: TableViewer working with multiple instances of the same object Dialog which could restore […]

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How much can happen within one week?

Back from holiday I see JFace’s new viewer API evolving from week to week and getting more stable and userfriendly but some parts are not as smooth as they should be some work has to spent. The most markable things changed is that the caching of column-indices is gone completely. Another important news is that […]

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