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JFace-Viewers for Swing, is this possible?

You might think “Now he’s gone completely crazy” but hold on and read through the next few paragrpahs to hopefully find out that I’m not. 0. The background Do you sometimes have to code against Swing and have also been … Continue reading

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UFacekit – Proposed as a Component under Platform/Incubator

So the news is out [Mailinglist, Newsgroups]. UFacekit is proposed as a Component under Platform/Incubator project (proposal). I think this is the right move for UFacekit to gather momentum towards our first release. If you want to support this move: … Continue reading

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Eclipse E4 and UFacekit

E4 and my impression Haveing attended the E4 Talk, A Future of SWT and the E4 BOF. I’m looking forward for a lot of innovation and discussion about new architectures at various levels of the Eclipse-Platform. The most important thing … Continue reading

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UFace – Update

I recognized today that I haven’t blogged about one of my favorite OSS-project (UFace/UFacekit) lately. For those of you who have never heard of this project let me introduce it in a few sentences. UFace or UFacekit has the following … Continue reading

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One month of UFacekit-Development

A month ago James Strachan and I started hacking on a project we named UFacekit. We both faced the need to write datacentric applications for different deployment environments (Desktop (Swing/SWT), GWT (MyGWT/GWT-Ext), …) and we thought there must be an … Continue reading

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