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Why is Eclipse 4 better than Eclipse 3

So there are many people around asking themselves why the hell did they rewrite the whole foundation of the Eclipse SDK while I as a user of the SDK don’t gain any benefits on first sight. I’m try to collect … Continue reading

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JavaFx + xtend a sensational perfect match

So I couldn’t resist – and just for Chris Aniszczyk 😉 – another blog post on this topic. So I wrapped my head around this builder stuff of xtend and with the sources provided by Sven at github I managed … Continue reading

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JavaFX + xtend a perfect match

So after having used xtend for a while as a pure templating language I thought it’s time to explore how it can be used when programming JavaFX. JavaFX 2.x API is already designed to be used for lambda expression support … Continue reading

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