e(fx)clipse product logo – any designers around?

e(fx)clipse will be shown at EclipseCon 2012 Hot New Product Showcase reception. The problem is that I’m not a designer and don’t yet have a logo. So I’m hoping designers are around who could help me getting a logo for e(fx)clipse.

Ideally it is a mashup of the Eclipse Logo with JavaFX integrated into it. I’d also like to use as a custom splash for the e(fx)clipse all in one downloads who are very well received by the community (~750 downloads of the 0.0.12 release).

I can not offer a lot of money and hope there’s someone around which does it for free or some beers (e.g. at EclipseCon).

If you know a web resource one can ask for something like this I’m naturally also happy to know about.

phone like scrollable listview with JavaFX

I guess all users of smartphones (Android, iPhone, …) know the scrollable lists you have there. While working on the example application for EclipseCon North America I thought it might make my example application look cooler if I could have it such an list.

After hacking the whole sunday I have an initial running version. Here’s an example how to use it:

FlingPane pane = new FlingPane();
VBox box = new VBox();
for( int i = 0; i < 30; i++ ) {
  box.getChildren().add(createMailItem("Sender " + i, "Title " + 1, "Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum ..."));

and I’ve recorder a small video to see it in action: