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The Simple e4 IDE

This is just a short update on my Simple e4 IDE Demo. Last week I reimplemented the Outline View concept of the Eclipse IDE and ported over the JavaOutlinePage from JDT. It currently lacks selection support to jump to places … Continue reading

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Installing Eclipse Translate View

I’ve just added an update-site to install Translation View into your Workbench. All you need to do is to add 2 update-sites: E4 M6 Update-Site: Translator Update-Site: After having successfully installed you should see a new category in … Continue reading

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e4 – Use e4-DI in 3.x

When talking about single sourceing in terms of e4 we talk about the following: Write for e4 and run in e4-Applications, Eclipse 4.0 SDK and Eclipse 3.x SDK In the first part of the series we are going to get … Continue reading

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It’s time for a beer

Just a short note. Ralph Müller from the Eclipse Foundation is tomorrow 27th in Innsbruck (for the opensource day on 28th) and we’ll meet at 8pm for a beer or 2 at the Iris Pub next to the SOWI. If … Continue reading

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A week at e4 – A new milestone

Core and Compat-Layer The work done last week was fixing the most important problems before signing of M6 this weekend, so not too many great new features have been developed but the ones already availabled got polished and improved. The … Continue reading

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A week at e4 – Share me please

In fact it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog entry about the progress that’s been made in e4. So what has happened in this 2 weeks: Conferences Kai Tödter and Boris Bokowski presented e4 at Jax2010 in Mainz. It … Continue reading

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I had the opportunity to present EMF-Databinding as part of the Modeling Days at the Jax2010-Conference in Mainz. It was a lot of fun presenting and meeting people. The slides I used in my talk can be downloaded Slides here.

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