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It’s release time – QxWT and GRaphael

QxWT At the start of the year I promised to release Version of QxWT at the end of Febuary and doing releases on time is one of the most important things so that people can start to trust … Continue reading

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QxWT – Realworld Demo

Tomorrow I’ll release QxWT as I promised at the start of the year. To show people the power of QxWT and what can be achieved by using it, in conjunction with Eclipse-Tools like EMF and Teneo, I wrote an … Continue reading

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e4 – Dependency and Service Lookup Tooling

Today I extended my current implementation a bit so that I now extract the currently injected fields in a class and display them in the dialog one can open from within the JavaEditor. The following videos present shows this in … Continue reading

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e4 – Dependency Injection Tooling

In bug 302824 we started discussing how to make the use of DI easier and beside e.g. providing Helper-Classes the ideal thing would be to provide good tooling. Think about how hard OSGi-Development would be without PDE and I think … Continue reading

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e4 – Extending an existing Product

After some months of not having contributed substential stuff to e4 and in anticipation of the EclipseCon tutorial “e4 – Anatomy of an e4-Application”. I worked yesterday on some demo stuff which we’ll probably use show the audience: The new … Continue reading

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e4 – why you don’t need e5

This was orginally a reply on Elias post on e5: On “should take risks”: We agreed that e4 would be compatible with 3.x. Is not 100% correct: We agreed on the fact that e4 will provide a compat layer so … Continue reading

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UFaceKit – 2 (new) interesting features in latest nightly

Like the title already says the latest nightly build comes with 2 amazing features one already part of the code base since a long time (XPath to traverse the UI-DOM) the second one just hit SVN (plugable model-item mapping). I’m … Continue reading

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