Viewer-Features form 3.3 in Eclipse-3.2

There are many many exciting features added in 3.3 cycle to jface but many people need a solution now and not in 3.3-Timeframe. I myself have a need for some of those feature so I started back-porting them which is at the moment not really hard because at the moment JFace-Viewers doesn’t use anything not available in 3.2-sources.

I decided to make them publicly available because I think many also have a need for them. So for those who want to use exciting features added in 3.3 can fetch the sources at in my companies SVN-Directory. Don’t forget to do your own QA to ensure everything is working as expected. If you find bugs you can file them to my companies bug-tracking system at and I’ll try to incooperate them in eclipse bug-tracking system providing a patch for current HEAD-Trunk of CVS.

Before releasing a first version I’m trying to get the patches to 3.3-CVS-HEAD:

The current features/bug fixes against 3.2:

This project will only continue until 3.3 is out afterwards people will need to recompile their code replacing at.bestsolution.jface32.* through org.eclipse.jface.*.

At the end please note the following things:

  • this is nothing official from Eclipse and I only thought that there are maybe others who have the same needs than I have.
  • There’s a great likelihood that new API added in 3.3 at some point will change while 3.3 evolves so the API you find now is maybe a subject to change in the next release.