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J1 talk on e(fx)clipse

For those who are interested in the slides I used today presenting e(fx)clipse tooling and runtime at JavaOne. You can grab the slides here. Hope you enjoyed it.

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Slides from EclipseCon talks

My talks are done. If you happen to come to here for the slides. Here they are: The Eclipse 4 Application Platform explained – PDF e(fx)clipse – Eclipse Tooling and Runtime for JavaFX – PDF

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my bags are packed i’m ready to go

… I’m leaving in about an hour to Washington DC for EclipseCon. I’m going to give 3 presentations (on e4 and JavaFX): Tuesday:The Eclipse 4 Application Platform explained – This talk will explain the Eclipse 4 Application Platform which can be used to write JavaFX application using OSGi, Dependency Injection and central application model Wednesday:e(fx)clipse […]

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Slides from Google Talk

I had the possibility to join an amazing group of people to deliver talks at EclipseDay at the Googleplex. I have to admit it feels extremly cool getting to the google campus. Thanks to Lars Vogel accepting me as a co-speaker and the Eclipse Foundation and Google Open Source Program Office organizing the event. I […]

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Videos from my EclipseCon Europe 2011 Talks

The great people from FOSSLC have recorded all EclipseCon Europe Talks. If you’ve not been able to attend here the direct links to my talks: Eclipse 4 Application Platform: Not commonly known features of the new platform State of Eclipse 4: What happened in 4.1 and what’s cooking for 4.2

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Democamp slides

For those interested here are the slides from the talk I gave yesterdays Democamp Munich. Thanks to Jonas and Maximilian for organizing and providing me a platform to talk a bit about e(fx)clipse.

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Slides from latest talks

I’ve seen some people coming to my blog from the website and are probably looking for slides of the talks I’ve given: e(fx)clipse – Short intro as part of the JavaFX-Slot – Thanks Donald and Oracle for giving us a chance to show of what we’ve done already to bring JavaFX-Tooling to the Eclipse […]

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A busy time

It’s going to be a busy time in the next few weeks. Next week I’m heading to Antwerpen to join Ralph, Wayne, Benjamin and Sven on the Eclipse Deep Dive-Evening on Oct, 27th where I give a short intro to Eclipse 4.x. Afterwards I’m going to EclipseCon Europe to do an “State of Eclipse 4.x […]

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Jax 2011: EMF-Databinding talk

I had the pleasure to present EMF-Databinding to interested people on the Model Day at Jax 2011. I’m desperately sorry that people have been unable to install my sources but there has been a misunderstanding I’ll apologize for. Everyone who was at the tutorial should already have the slides and sources but for those who […]

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EclipseCon2011: Day one and I’m done

Yeah. Day one is over (at least all my presentations are done) and I’m ready to enjoy EclipseCon in the next 3 days because I’ve no more talks this week. I think the talks I’ve delivered today have been received quite well. Eclipse 4.x RCP Tutorial: Kai will upload our slides later on his blog. […]

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