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A week at e4 – A new milestone

Core and Compat-Layer The work done last week was fixing the most important problems before signing of M6 this weekend, so not too many great new features have been developed but the ones already availabled got polished and improved. The most important things are: Editor-Activation time is reduced tremendously Editor Sharing problems have been fixed […]

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A week at e4 – Share me please

In fact it’s been 2 weeks since my last blog entry about the progress that’s been made in e4. So what has happened in this 2 weeks: Conferences Kai T√∂dter and Boris Bokowski presented e4 at Jax2010 in Mainz. It is of real importance to tell the community about e4, which expectations they should have […]

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A week at e4 – Themeing in e4

Core Work-Items Themeing in e4 is done using CSS like Declarative Syntax. The latest nightly builds introduce an extension point which allows people to define and contribute CSS-Files to make up a theme from different css-Files. So now plugin-developers can contribute stylesheets which hold CSS-Definitions (classes, …) they use in their UI-Bundles. One of the […]

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A week at e4 – Branch, Tweak, Break and Adjust

Today I thought it would nice to do a summary about the things happing at e4 I’m part of. The headline for this week could be: “Branch, Tweak, Break and Adjust – Lock the e4-Workbench-Model so that people won’t be broken until 4.0” Core Work-Items So what happened: Short before EclipseCon we started collecting proposals […]

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