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Eclipse DI and OSGi-Services and dynamics

Most people who use Eclipse DI know that they can simply use and the system will inject the service as desired but there are multiple problems with that: What happens if the there’s a newer higher ranked service registered? What if there are multiple services and you want all of them? What happens if the […]

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“Strange” things about java byte code and consequences for API evolution

Eike posted lately about interesting problem when changing the return type of a method with respect to callers of the method. In his sample he switched from a void to a String return type and suddenly old byte code was not able to call the method anymore which sounds strange to most java devs because […]

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TextEditor Framework with e4 and JavaFX (including jdt and nashorn)

Tonight I had some time to hack on a research project which uses the StyledTextControl provided by e(fx)clipse. Syntax highlighting for the basic languages like Java, JavaScript, XML and groovy has already been implemented since a long time. So next on my list was support for outlines which turned out to be fairly easy. Watch […]

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Flexible calendar control in SWT

I’ve been in need for Week-Calendar view to display appointments but could not find anyone that completely fit my needs to I implemented a custom one. This short screen cast shows what I’ve today. The control is backed by a replaceable service interface to retrieve and store appointments so it can be connected to fairly […]

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Strategy of wrapping C++ libraries in Java

This blog post is more of a question to others (probably much more knowledgeable people than me) who have already wrapped C++ libraries in Java. So if you have and the strategy I document as part of this blog post is completely wrong please comment and point me towards a better one! Anyways let’s get […]

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Animated path morphing in JavaFX

Inspired by a new feature available on Android Lollipop named AnimatedVectorDrawable I found in this blog post and the availability of the Twitter Emoji I tried to recreate the same using JavaFX. The result can be seen in this short video. The process is fairly simple: I used the SVG to FXML converter who is […]

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e(fx)clipse 1.1.0 released

I’m happy to announce the general availability of e(fx)clipse 1.1.0! The release I’ve blogged in the last few days up the new features you’ll get with 1.1 Improved internationalization support Improved internationalization support – tooling API to restart your e4 app on startup CSS-Editor improvements Easier runtime consumption through special features Generate controller from FXML […]

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e(fx)clipse 1.1 – New features – Generate controller from FXML

Although we have a very feature rich FXML-Editor with a live preview many users are using SceneBuilder to define their UIs. In case you have an FXML you want the possibility to generate a controller who references: elements marked with fx:id as fields event handler properties like onAction=”#login” as methods e(fx)clipse 1.1.0 added a first […]

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e(fx)clipse 1.1 – New features – Easier runtime consumption through special features

The more people are adopting our core OSGi-Support inside the IDE (e.g. STS, GEF4, …) the more important it is that they depend on the same basic feature so that you can install and update them side by side. Easier runtime consumption through special features org.eclipse.fx.runtime.min.feature e(fx)clipse will join the Mars release train and other […]

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e(fx)clipse 1.1 – New features – CSS-Editor improvements

Having a clever CSS-Editor at hand is crucial when developing JavaFX applications so we once more worked a bit in this central utility for e(fx)clipse 1.1 CSS-Editor improvements Support for @font-face The 1.0 CSS-Editor completely freaked out if you tried to add an @font-face definition to load external fonts with the help of your stylesheet. […]

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