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e(fx)clipse 1.2.0 – New service to observe a filesystem path

With 1.2.0 the e(fx)clipse core runtime bundle comes with a service who is able to track filesystem modifications. Since Java7 there’s an API to observe filesystem paths and so has the Eclipse Core Resources System which is used inside your Eclipse IDE. The service we created looks like this: and you use it like this: […]

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e(fx)clipse 1.2.0 – RRobot learned to generate declarative services

In my last blog post I described that the way you define themes has changed – pre 1.2.0 you used extension points, now with 1.2.0 you are supposed to use OSGi-Services (preferably through the use of declarative services). I guess most people don’t know that but when they are using one for the project wizards […]

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e(fx)clipse 1.2.0 – Themes are OSGi services

e(fx)clipse 1.2.0 is trying to get a better OSGi citizen and so we try to remove more and more Equinox/Eclipse specific stuff which means that we want to get rid of the Extension Registry in our/your code. In 1.1.0 themes have been defined using the theme extension point org.eclipse.fx.ui.theme where you’ve been able to: Define […]

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EMap – Map your EMF to an SQL-Database

There are various technologies available for mapping EMF-objects to SQL databases, like the probably most established ones in the Eclipse ecosystem (both developed by Martin Taal) Teneo Texo We more than contentendly used these two in quite some projects until we had – at the end of 2013 – to rethink our RCP architecture due […]

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Introducing XGrid – a toolkit agnostic Grid control and component

Today I am happy being able to talk for the first time about a new component we’ve been developing for quite some time. Before going into technical details, I’d like to point out that the development of features currently available has been sponsored by ITBH who agreed to have all sources released under the Apache […]

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JavaFX Filesystem Viewers

JavaFX 8 has 2 controls (=dialogs) to browse the filesystem javafx.stage.DirectoryChooser javafx.stage.FileChooser who create native resource dialogs but if you want to integrate a directory view in your application and/or you want custom features like a file preview those dialogs are of no help. I had just this use case and so I implemented 3 […]

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Displaying and editing large (styled) texts

A reoccuring question in stackoverflow is how to present: Large amounts of editable text Display text paragraphs with words in different colors, sizes, … and optionally make them editable In the following post I’d like to shade some light into this area of JavaFX and propose solutions allowing you to deal with them efficiently using […]

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Eclipse DI and OSGi-Services and dynamics

Most people who use Eclipse DI know that they can simply use and the system will inject the service as desired but there are multiple problems with that: What happens if the there’s a newer higher ranked service registered? What if there are multiple services and you want all of them? What happens if the […]

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“Strange” things about java byte code and consequences for API evolution

Eike posted lately about interesting problem when changing the return type of a method with respect to callers of the method. In his sample he switched from a void to a String return type and suddenly old byte code was not able to call the method anymore which sounds strange to most java devs because […]

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TextEditor Framework with e4 and JavaFX (including jdt and nashorn)

Tonight I had some time to hack on a research project which uses the StyledTextControl provided by e(fx)clipse. Syntax highlighting for the basic languages like Java, JavaScript, XML and groovy has already been implemented since a long time. So next on my list was support for outlines which turned out to be fairly easy. Watch […]

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