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JFace Viewers in a Java8 world – Part 1 ListViewer

Most people who write RCP applications today know about JFace Viewers and in my opinion the Viewer framework is one of the best programming patterns that came out of Eclipse – easy to understand, easy to apply but still powerful. Still working with viewers in a world of Java8 feels really bad because of 2 […]

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Restarting an e4 application with the intial workbench.e4xmi

e4 applications by default remember the state when getting shutdown and restore that state on the next restart. This is the behavior most people expect from an application but there are situations people would like to reset the application into its original state or maybe the developer wants that e.g. after having installed/uninstalled certain new […]

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London calling

Short notice to people reading my blog – just arrived at Heathrow and heading to the city. I’m here for the Bloomberg Eclipse Hackathon on Saturday – it’s not too late to join!

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SWTonFX – JavaFX Canvas with many clipping calls == unacceptable slow

Inspired by a twitter discussion started by Andres Almiray if NatTable could be run in JavaFX application I checked out the sources, added some missing API to SWTonFX GC implementation and voila it renders a NatTable sample as the SWT version does The problem The “only” problem is it takes an unacceptable time to do […]

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e(fx)clipse – All-in-one updated to Luna RC1

I’ve just updated our nightly all-in-one builds to Luna RC1, while you get some platform fixes the most important change for JavaFX devs is that all the JavaDoc holes are now closed and you should see JavaDoc on any property-method you hover (see my post on Luna M7 to see what I’m talking about). I […]

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maven-tycho 0.20.0 and java8 source code

People writing e4/OSGi JavaFX application these days will most likely do it using JavaFX8 and probably they then make use of Java8 language features as well. While the latest milestones of Eclipse 4.4 Luna have Java8 support with it your favorite build tool maven-tycho 0.20.0 for those applications is not yet directly supporting java8 because […]

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e4 on JavaFX – Drag and Drop between Stacks (=JavaFX TabPanes)

Developers switching from e4 on SWT over to e4 on JavaFX have been missing the feature to reorder the tabs inside their window. One of the main targets of 1.0.0 is to close the gap between the SWT and JavaFX implementation so I’ve been working on this feature lately and today I can report about […]

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Reuse your e4 SWT-Part implementation in e4 on JavaFX

Have you ever considered to switch from SWT to JavaFX but had abandoned it because it would require you to rewrite all your SWT UI code or you want to stick with SWT because you want to publish your e4 application on the web using RAP but on the desktop SWT simply doesn’t allow you […]

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e(fx)clipse – All-In-One downloads upgraded to Luna M7 – Why care?

I’ve just updated the All-In-One downloads to Luna M7 and there are multiple reasons you should care: General improvements and bugfixes JDT Java8 improvements JDT understand JavaFX-Properties-JavaDoc For those of you writing JavaFX applications and wondered why no JavaDoc was shown when they hovered e.g. Stage#setOnCloseRequest(), getOnCloseRequest() and onCloseRequest() should take a look at the […]

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SWT on JavaFX update-site available

Just for those who want to give SWT on JavaFX a try themselves you can now grab the nightly bits from To develop a plain SWT/JavaFX app (no OSGi!) you should add the following jars: org.eclipse.fx.runtime.swt_1.0.0.$buildtimestamp.jar: this is the real SWT implementation org.eclipse.fx.runtime.swtutil_1.0.0.$buildtimestamp.jar: this is a set of utility classes who close the gap […]

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