Talks and Democamps (Eclipse 4, e(fx)clipse and JavaFX)

I’m back from a very nice trip to Cluj, Romania where I took part at the DemoCamp on Friday.

For those who are interested here are the slides of my talks:

The Eclipse 4 talk is a similar to the one I did at “EclipseDay Florence” where the organizers recorded a video of my talk and others as well.

For those JavaFX interested folks reading my blog – if you fast forward to minute 21 you see an e4 application running on JavaFX sycned live with a SWT/JavaFX mashup e4 application using CDO.

In the next 2 demo camps this I’ll show e(fx)clipse in action:

I hope you to see you at one of those events – afterwards it’s time for holiday.

2 Responses to “Talks and Democamps (Eclipse 4, e(fx)clipse and JavaFX)”

  1. Thanks a lot for this great video !!!

    I wish I had time to learn and understand this new plattform.


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    […] speaker was Tom Schindl and you can find the presentation slides on his blog. My main takeaway was that there isn’t the huge rift between Eclipse 3.x and Eclipse 4.x the […]

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