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e4 – News from ModelTooling

It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged about my work on the e4 model tooling front but this does not mean nothing happened. I think I have some interesting news to share on features I’ve implemented: Edit/View XMI-File Beside editing the Application model using the form based ui the editor now allows you […]

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Enhanced RCP: Reuse of WritableList in JFace-Viewers

Just because I’ve been running into this today. I thought it might be interesting to others as well. The following is a shortened version of a code I’ve been using in an RCP-Application. Does someone spot the error? I guess not because from it is not visible at all without looking into the implementation of […]

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Enhanced RCP: How views can communicate – The e4 way

Some weeks ago I published how views can communicate using the EventAdmin-Service. To get things working in an 3.x application one has to write some glue code but more importantly one has to know about all those nifty things about event publishing, getting access to OSGi-Services, … . One of the main topics of the […]

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